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Sales & Shipping Questions:
I just purchased the dvd kit. When will it arrive in the mail?
Orders usually ship within 24 hours of purchase. Expect 2-3 days for Priority Mail, 2-9 days for standard mail, and 4-9 days for Global Mail to most major cities. Estimated transit times are provided by the carrier, exclude weekends and holidays, and may vary with package origin and destination, particularly during peak periods.

How much is international shipping?
$6 U.S.

Free plans are all over the internet, your product seems to have more details than anything else out there. I imagine it will be all I need to build the ramp but if I have any questions will there be free email or phone support for it?
Absolutely, call or email anytime as often as you like.

Spec Questions:
Does the video show how to modify the ramp, like how to make it wider or taller?
Though the DVD does not show modifications, the reverse side of the blueprints contains helpful suggestions and drawings on how to modify your ramp. Like how to make it taller, shorter, wider. Also information on spines, humps, extensions and street ramps.

What are the dimensions?
4FT high x 8FT wide x 27FT long

What will it cost me to build this?
That depends on where you live. Lumber prices fluctuate more than gas prices and also vary from state to state. Generally speaking it will cost $250 - $450 to build this ramp.

Can I ride a bike on the halfpipe?
Some may be able to. You are the judge.

What about building codes and zoning laws?
Some local city laws will not permit a large structure to be built on private property. Because this ramp is a portable design, you are often exempt from many of those laws.

Construction Questions:

What tools are required?
Minimum: Electric Drill, Jig Saw, Tape Measure

How long will it take to build?
Many customers often build it in a day with no previous experience.

Whats the best to use for the coping; metal pipe or PVC?
Each has their pros & cons. Plastic is quiet, slick and easy to cut. Metal is noisy and can get very hot in the summer, but it is stronger. It's just a matter of personal preference.

Can I use nails?
Not recommended. They often work their way out and can give you a nasty flesh wound.

Is the surface Masonite?
Most people use Masonite
because it's easy to find and it's only around $10 per sheet. But it is not much more than high density wood fibers pressed with a glue. If it gets wet it warps easily.

Can I use drywall screws instead of wood screws. Is there an advantage either way?
Do not use drywall screws. The problem with drywall screws is that the metal is very weak and the heads will snap off.  Stick with wood screws.

We just finished building a half pipe in Massachusetts and are looking for a cover to protect it from rain and snow any ideas? I would like something heavy duty.
A good cover should be one solid sheet and not woven threads like the common blue ones people use to tie down truck loads. The cheap blue ones will let water through.

International Customers:


祝贺你!你可以建造自己的半成品。录象和手册可以教你怎样坡道滑行的建设。然而,即使很有经验的建筑者也可以发现帮助的技术情报处理系统和技巧。此手册可以分为几步骤,与录象中的步骤一致。为取得最好效果,请开始建设之前看录象并完全阅读指令。你一边看,你就尽可能记下步骤,这样可以使你在工作时简单、轻便很多。从容不迫,小心谨慎,特别有趣! is owned by
Hill Brothers Studios, Inc.

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